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Are Guests Allowed to Smoke Outside of your Airbnb or Vacation Rental?


Whether you’re a host or a guest, understanding the dos and don’ts of smoking outside Airbnb and STR rentals can be a bit tricky. Some people find it relaxing to enjoy a cigarette or a cigar while on holiday, but the rules around smoking can vary widely from one Airbnb/STR to another. So, can you smoke outside an Airbnb or other types of vacation rentals? Let’s explore this and other related topics to ensure that both hosts and guests can enjoy their stay without any misunderstandings or conflicts.

Are Guests Allowed to Smoke Outside the Airbnb if the Listing Says No Smoking?

One common area of confusion is around smoking policies. Specifically, if an Airbnb listing says “no smoking,” does this restriction apply to the outside areas of the property as well? When an Airbnb listing states “no smoking,” it typically means no smoking anywhere on the property, both inside and outside. This includes balconies, patios, gardens, and even the driveway. However, not all hosts interpret this rule the same way. Some might allow smoking in specific outdoor areas, while others might have a strict no-smoking policy everywhere. It is important that you communicate clearly with your guest at the early stages of booking and that your no-smoking policy is clearly stated in your listing description, house rules, and any pre-arrival communications. Highlight any designated smoking areas if you have them. Many guests will want to know if smoking is allowed and where they can do so. By providing this information upfront, you can avoid potential disputes and ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

Navigating Smoking Regulations for Your Airbnb Property

Airbnb hosts have the freedom to set their own house rules, including those regarding smoking. However, it’s important to be aware of local laws and regulations. In some places, smoking indoors is prohibited by law, while in others, it may be allowed in designated areas. Hosts should clearly state their smoking policy in their Airbnb listing, specifying whether smoking is allowed inside, outside, or not at all. This transparency helps guests make informed decisions and respect the rules.

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Smoke-Free Airbnb Benefits: Healthier, Cleaner, Better

Opting for a smoke-free policy can bring several benefits to your Airbnb property. First and foremost, it helps keep the property clean and free from lingering smoke odours that can be difficult to remove. Non-smoking properties also tend to attract a wider range of guests, including families with children and individuals with allergies or sensitivities to smoke. Additionally, maintaining a smoke-free environment can reduce the risk of fire hazards and potential damage to the property.

Effective Strategies for Enforcing a Smoke-Free Policy in Your Airbnb

Implementing a smoke-free policy doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some practical tips for hosts:

  1. Communicate Clearly: Make sure your no-smoking policy is clearly stated in your listing description, house rules, and any pre-arrival communications. Highlight any designated smoking areas if you have them.
  2. Signage: Place no-smoking signs inside and outside the property to remind guests of the policy. Signs can be placed in key areas such as the entrance, living room, and outdoor spaces.
  3. Provide Alternatives: If you have a designated smoking area, make it comfortable and convenient for guests who smoke. Provide ashtrays and seating to encourage them to use this space instead of smoking in prohibited areas.
  4. Reiterate During Check-In: During the check-in process, verbally remind guests of the no-smoking policy. This personal touch can reinforce the importance of following the rules.
  5. Monitor Compliance: Regularly check the property for signs of smoking, such as ash or cigarette butts. Address any violations promptly to maintain the integrity of your policy.

Steps to Take When Guests Smoke in Your Airbnb

Despite your best efforts, there may be instances where guests violate the smoking policy. Here’s how to handle such situations:

  1. Document Evidence: If you find evidence of smoking, take photos or videos to document the violation. This can be useful if you need to file a complaint or charge a smoking fee.
  2. Communicate with Guests: Reach out to the guest and politely inform them of the violation. Explain the consequences and remind them of the no-smoking policy. Most guests will comply once they are aware of the issue.
  3. Charge a Smoking Fee: If your listing includes a smoking fee for violations, be prepared to enforce it. Use the documentation you gathered to support your case if the guest disputes the fee.
  4. Review and Reflect: After the guest checks out, review your experience and consider any changes you might need to make to your policy or communication strategies. Learning from each situation can help you better manage future incidents.
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Future Trends in Smoking Policies for Airbnb Hosts

The landscape of smoking policies in Airbnb properties is continually evolving. With growing awareness of the health risks associated with smoking and secondhand smoke, more hosts are choosing to implement smoke-free policies. This trend is likely to continue as both hosts and guests prioritize health and safety.

Additionally, advancements in technology and property management tools are making it easier for hosts to enforce their smoking policies. From smart smoke detectors to surveillance cameras, these tools can help hosts monitor their properties and address violations more effectively.


In conclusion, whether you’re a host or a guest, understanding the dos and don’ts of smoking outside Airbnb rentals is essential for a smooth and enjoyable experience. By setting clear expectations, communicating effectively, and handling violations promptly, hosts can maintain a smoke-free environment that appeals to a broad range of guests. As the trend towards smoke-free properties grows, both hosts and guests can look forward to healthier and more pleasant stays.

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