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Welcoming Furry Guests: Essential Tips for Creating a Pet Friendly Airbnb or Short-Term Rental

When it comes to creating a pet friendly Airbnb or holiday cottage, catering to dog-loving guests can be both rewarding & beneficial.

Many guests are looking to include their four-legged companions in their getaways, making it a smart move to open your doors to canine guests. Yet, before you embark on this pawsitive journey, there are several crucial factors to consider.

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Pet Proofing Your Home

Dogs are curious creatures, and even well-behaved ones can sometimes get into mischief. Before welcoming canine guests, take the time to pet-proof your holiday home. This includes securing any hazardous materials, fragile decorations, and small chewable items. Ensuring there are no exposed electricals, toxic plants, or sharp objects within reach. Providing a safe environment is key to ensuring a worry-free stay for both your guests and their dogs.

Amenities for Furry Friends

To make your holiday home , consider the amenities you can provide to enhance their stay. Offer dog beds, bowls for food and water, toys, and even a designated outdoor area for them to play and roam. Additionally, having an outdoor space for walks and toilet breaks is a huge plus for pet owners.

Communication with Guests

When listing your holiday home, clear communication with your guests is crucial. In your pet policy state any size restrictions, breed limitations, or the number of dogs allowed. Be upfront about any extra fees associated with hosting pets. Providing information before booking allows the guests to be aware of the guidelines and can make informed decisions.

A Dog-Friendly Airbnb team is a must!
Ensure that your cleaning crew is equipped to handle any pet-related messes!

Cleaning Protocols

Even the most well-trained dogs can leave a bit of a mess behind. Having thorough cleaning protocols in place is essential. Cleaners should be able to handle any pet-related messes. Products for cleaning should be safe for future guests, both human and furry.

Local Dog-Friendly Amenities

Part of the appeal for guests with dogs is the availability of pet friendly activities and services in the area. Research a list of nearby dog walks, restaurants, walks, and other attractions that cater to dogs. Providing this information to your guests can enhance their experience and make their stay even more enjoyable.

Emergency Contacts and Resources

No matter how well prepared you are, emergencies can still happen. Create a list of local vets that guests can contact if needed. Sharing this information demonstrates your commitment to the safety and well-being of their dogs.

In Summary

Welcome dogs to your holiday home and you can attract a growing percentage of pet-loving guests. By taking the time to pet-proof your STR and create pet friendly Airbnb its possible to create a pet friendly haven.

Remember, a little extra effort in accommodating pets can result in not only happy human guests but also a thriving rental business.

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