As the hospitality industry evolves, the way holiday let, vacation rental and Airbnb properties are managed is also changing.

One of the most significant advancements in property management is the emergence of automated Apps. These innovative tools are designed to streamline and enhance the cleaning and maintenance processes, offering several positive impacts for both hosts and guests. In this blog, we will explore the key benefits of the best automated Airbnb schedule cleaner Apps.


Why use an Airbnb Cleaning App

1. Efficient Scheduling and Task Management

Automated cleaning Apps empower hosts to efficiently manage cleaning schedules and tasks. These Apps enable hosts to set up automated cleaning routines based on guest check-in and check-out times. The Apps send reminders and notifications to cleaning staff, ensuring that properties are cleaned promptly and thoroughly after guests depart. This feature reduces the chances of scheduling conflicts and ensures that every cleaning task is completed on time.

2. Improved Communication

Effective communication is crucial in the short-term rental business. Automated cleaner Apps facilitate seamless communication between hosts, cleaning staff, and guests. Hosts can provide specific cleaning instructions, access codes, and any other relevant information to cleaning teams directly through the App. This ensures that the cleaning process is carried out accurately and according to the host’s preferences.

3. Enhanced Cleaning Standards

Consistency in cleaning standards is essential for positive guest experiences and reviews. Automated cleaner Apps help maintain a high level of cleanliness by providing detailed cleaning checklists for each property. Cleaning staff can follow these checklists step by step, ensuring that no area is overlooked. This consistency contributes to higher guest satisfaction and the likelihood of receiving positive reviews.

4. Time and Cost Savings

Cleaner Apps can lead to substantial time and cost savings. Hosts no longer need to spend excessive time manually coordinating cleaning schedules and communicating with cleaning staff. Additionally, automated scheduling reduces the risk of overbooking or missed cleanings, which could result in financial losses and negative guest experiences. The streamlined process allows hosts to focus on other aspects of property management and guest services.

5. Flexibility and Scalability

Whether managing a single property or a portfolio of rentals, automated Airbnb cleaner Apps offer flexibility and scalability. Hosts can easily adjust cleaning schedules, add new properties, and manage larger numbers of cleaning staff without the hassle of manual coordination. This flexibility is especially valuable for hosts looking to expand their rental business.

6. Real-Time Updates

Many automated cleaner Apps provide real-time updates on the cleaning progress. Hosts can track when cleaning staff arrive at the property, when cleaning tasks are completed, and when the property is ready for the next guests. This transparency allows hosts to stay informed about the status of their properties without needing to be physically present.

7. Integration with Other Tools

Some automated cleaner Apps sync seamlessly with other property management tools and platforms. This integration can include keyless entry systems, booking platforms, and smart home devices. The synergy between these tools creates a comprehensive property management ecosystem that enhances the overall guest experience.


The Best 6 Airbnb Cleaning Apps

1. Changeover

Main Features

Unbelievably Fast to Set Up & Ridiculously Simple and Easy to Use

An effortless holiday let, vacation rental & airbnb cleaning schedule app. Changeover is a better way to seamlessly schedule your cleaning automatically with your cleaner. No more messy spreadsheets, emails, messages, or fear of missing a clean again with our beautiful and easy-to-use platform. The intuitive platform allows owners to set up properties & invite preferred cleaners in seconds.

Sync Automatically or Manually Schedule Cleaners

Changeover compliments & works alongside your existing booking platform perfectly. When a booking is taken for your holiday let or rental, our system takes over & schedules the changeover for you. Its Synced with your existing booking platform or added manually, your cleaner shares your calendar so they get sent all the key information they need to complete your clean.

Clear & Instant Communication with a Clever Mobile App

You get notified when a changeover is complete, so no more uncertainty around property readiness with peace of mind knowing your rental is always prepared.

Beautiful Calendars

It’s easy to see which bookings you have scheduled for a clean & which ones have yet to be assigned. Each booking contains just the right information that your chosen cleaner needs to complete the changeover.

Multiple Properties & Cleaners

Each property gets its very own calendar. We realise that these properties might be in different locations & require a different cleaner, that’s why we made it simple to assign or invite different cleaners when scheduling a clean.

A Website that thinks it’s an App

Benefit from things like notifications, background synchronisation, access to the camera, it also works offline & most importantly there’s no need to download a separate app from the Apple App & Google Play Store.

Instant Notifications via Email & the Mobile App

You get notified when a changeover is complete, so no more uncertainty around property readiness with peace of mind knowing your rental is always prepared.

Amend Bookings at Anytime

Bookings often change so we made it super simple to leave notes, amend scheduled cleans & keep everyone informed instantly.

For Cleaners Too

Changeover isn’t all about the homeowner. Cleaners benefit from our fantastic features too. What’s more they get to use the platform for free!

In Summary

Operating both in the UK and globally, Changeover automates & simplifies the process of scheduling & managing changeovers by assigning tasks, tracking cleaning & sending notifications to your cleaners to ensure that everything is completed hassle free & on time for your next guests.

Best for owners with existing cleaners who are simply looking to streamline & simplify the clean scheduling process
There’s no need to download a separate App from the Apple App & Google Play Store
Simple, quick, beautiful and easy to use
30 day free trial
From £6 per month per property paid annually
Does not find cleaners for you


2. Properly

Main Features

Real-Time Property Inspection and Cleaning Management is a comprehensive platform designed to help property managers and vacation rental hosts efficiently manage property inspections and cleaning tasks between guest stays.

Hospitality Training

Properly provides hospitality training via convenient in-app micro-learning courses. In the dynamic world of the hospitality industry, staying current with best practices and constantly enhancing your skills is the path to success.

Visual Documentation

Users can capture photos to visually document property conditions and cleanliness. This documentation can be invaluable for quality control and dispute resolution.

Customisable and Best Practice Checklists

The platform offers customizable checklist templates for property inspections and turnovers. Users can tailor these checklists to meet their specific property and service requirements.

Task Assignment simplifies task assignment by allowing users to assign cleaning and maintenance tasks to their teams or service providers. This ensures that properties are cleaned and prepared for incoming guests promptly.

Communication Tools

Effective communication is vital in property management. includes communication tools to coordinate with cleaning staff, maintenance teams, and guests, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Performance Analytics

The platform provides insights into property performance, including cleaning and maintenance times, task completion rates, and property condition trends. This data-driven approach helps users make informed decisions to enhance property management.

In Summary focus on hospitality training, property inspection and cleaning management, combined with features like customisable checklists, task assignment, visual documentation, and performance analytics, offers numerous benefits.

Best for real time inspections and hospitality training
30 day free trial
From $12 per month per property
Maybe too much emphasis given to best practice, quality assurance and training for some


3. Turno (Formerly TurnoverBnB)

Main Features

Cleaner Marketplace

You can discover and connect with skilled cleaning professionals in your area. Whether you need quotes from reliable cleaners for regular tasks or require a last-minute cleaning solution.

Property Management specialises in property turnover management, catering to property owners, managers, and vacation rental hosts. It focuses on the essential tasks required between guest stays to ensure a smooth transition.

Task Scheduling

It has the ability to schedule and manage cleaning and maintenance tasks. Users can create and assign tasks to cleaners or maintenance personnel, ensuring properties are in top condition for incoming guests.

Checklist Templates provides customisable checklist templates for property inspections and turnovers. These checklists help maintain consistent standards and ensure that no crucial tasks are overlooked.

Communication Tools offers communication tools to coordinate with cleaners, maintenance staff, and guests. Automated messages and notifications keep everyone informed and on the same page.

Performance Tracking

Users can track the performance of their properties over time, including occupancy rates, cleaning and maintenance times, and guest reviews. This data-driven approach helps users make informed decisions to improve property management.

In Summary (formerly TurnoverBnB) primarily helps property owners, managers, and vacation rental hosts to find and hire a cleaner. It also focuses on property turnover management, combined with features like task scheduling, checklist templates, and performance tracking, offers numerous benefits.

Best for owners needing a cleaner marketplace
First property is free
2+ properties from $8 per month per property (monthly plan)
Clunky platform that is confusing and time consuming to use


4. Breezeway

Main Features

Guest Communication

Effective communication with guests is crucial for a positive experience. Breezeway allows users to send automated messages to guests, providing important information and updates about their stay.

Property Operations Management

Breezeway offers a centralised platform for managing property operations. Users can schedule and track cleaning, maintenance, and inspections efficiently. This feature ensures properties are in top condition for incoming guests.

Extended Stays

The Breezeway dashboard and mobile app gives departing and incoming guests the option to extend their stay and make the most of that available night. This not only adds extra value for your clients but also creates an opportunity for additional service revenue.

Asset Management

Amidst the many demands on managers’ plates, deciphering data and implementing predictive asset management can be a challenge. Breezeway steps in to assist you in extracting valuable insights from property information and task records. This empowers you to elevate the quality, safety, and cleanliness standards of each property, ultimately enhancing the guest and owner experience.

Task Automation

Users can set up automated task schedules, reducing the manual effort required for routine property maintenance.

Property Inspections

Breezeway facilitates property inspections with customisable checklists. Inspectors can use the mobile app to complete inspections and flag any issues that need attention.

Reporting and Analytics

The platform provides insights through reporting and analytics, helping users make data-driven decisions to improve property management efficiency.

In Summary

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Breezeway’s user-friendly features and automation capabilities make property management more efficient and help deliver great experiences to guests.

Best for guest communication, asset management and driving extended stays
Well designed user friendly platform that is feature rich
Scheduled demo only
No trial period
From $25 per month per property its a lot more expensive than its competitors


5. Uplisting

Main Features

Multi-Channel Management serves as a powerful hub for property managers who list their properties on various booking platforms like Airbnb,, and Vrbo. It centralizes listing management, making it easier to keep calendars, rates, and content up-to-date across multiple channels.

Booking Engine provides a booking engine that enables property managers to accept direct bookings through their website. This reduces reliance on third-party platforms and can save on booking fees.

Dynamic Pricing offers dynamic pricing tools that help property managers optimize rates based on demand, seasonality, and competitor pricing. This can lead to increased revenue for property owners.

Property Performance Analytics

The platform provides valuable insights into property performance, including occupancy rates, revenue, and booking patterns. This data-driven approach empowers property managers to make informed decisions and fine-tune their strategies.

Automated Messaging

This feature allows users to automate guest communication, from initial inquiries to post-stay reviews. can send customized messages at key points in a guest’s journey, enhancing communication efficiency..

In Summary has a comprehensive set of features, including multi-channel management, automation, dynamic pricing, and analytics, offers numerous benefits.

Best for all-in-one channel management
14 day free trial
From £80 per month plus £16 per property (to be fair this is a booking engine first and foremost hence the additional price)


6. Turnify

Main Features

Cleaner Marketplace

Explore Turnify Marketplace to discover professionals who can meet all your property management requirements. Locate cleaning, maintenance, and handyman services.

Concierge Support

Turnify’s concierge support team is at your service through various channels like Slack, WhatsApp, phone, email, SMS, and more, ensuring you get a response in 30 minutes or less.

Streamlined Guest Management

Turnify grasps the complexities of overseeing a team and maintaining the seamless functioning of your vacation rental properties, the Staff Management feature, designed to help you optimise your workforce and boost efficiency.

Task Automation streamlines property management by automating tasks like cleaning schedules, maintenance requests, and guest check-ins.

Communication Tools

The platform offers communication tools to send automated messages to guests, providing essential information and instructions before and during their stay.

Maintenance Tracking

Users can track and manage property maintenance tasks, from routine inspections to repairs.

In Summary is a great tool for property managers and vacation rental hosts. Its key features, include keyless entry, task automation, and maintenance tracking. By using, property managers can provide an great guest experience and make data-driven decisions to optimise their property management operations.

Best for concierge support
From $6 per month per property
No free trial



The rise of automated Airbnb cleaning Apps marks a significant advancement in the way holiday let, vacation rental and Airbnb’s are managed and maintained. With features such as efficient scheduling, improved communication, enhanced cleaning standards, time and cost savings, flexibility, real-time updates, and integration with other tools, these apps offer numerous positive aspects for both hosts and guests. By embracing automation, hosts can elevate their property management practices, resulting in higher guest satisfaction, better reviews, and ultimately, a more successful short-term rental business.

Changeover is a clever platform that shares your guest calendar with your cleaners & then fully automates the scheduling & management of changeovers. Sit back & relax as it tracks progress & sends notifications to ensure that everything is completed smoothly & on time.

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